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Tue. Nov 04, 2014
Republicans 52
Democrats 45
Independents 3
GOP +7, IND +1
Republicans 245
Democrats 190
GOP +11
Republicans 27
Democrats 22
Independents 1
DEM +1, IND +1
2014 Elections on Demand

2014 South Carolina Elections

Election Day
November 8, 2016
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Track The Races

Senate Race (A)
Senate Race (B)
Governor Race
Competitive House Races
  • No competitive house races in 2014
Other House Races*
  • CD-1:  Mark Sanford, Jr.-inc  (unopposed)
  • CD-2:  Joe Wilson-inc  vs  Phil Black
  • CD-3:  Jeff Duncan-inc  vs  Barbara Jo Wrobleski-Mullis
  • CD-4:  Trey Gowdy, III-inc  (unopposed)
  • CD-5:  Mick Mulvaney-inc  vs  Tom Adams
  • CD-6:  Jim Clyburn-inc  vs  Anthony Culler
  • CD-7:  Tom Rice, Jr.-inc  vs  Gloria Tinubu
* The incumbent party, listed first, is expected to retain these House seats.

Election Timeline

South Carolina Polling Hours
Time Zone
Polls Open
7:00AM Local time
Polls Close
7:00PM Local time
Important Dates
Filing Deadline
March 30, 2014
Primary Election
June 10, 2014
Primary Election Runoff
June 24, 2014
Election Day
November 4, 2014

Current Partisan Breakdown

National Delegation
Senators2 GOP 2012: no change
Representatives6 GOP, 1 DEM 2012: GOP +1
State Government
GovernorGOP 2012: no change
Lt. GovernorGOP 2012: no change
State Senate - GOP28 GOP, 18 DEM 2012: GOP +1
State House - GOP78 GOP, 46 DEM 2012: no change
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