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  Politics and Elections
March 10, 2004
McCain for VP?
"Obviously I would entertain it."  With those words, John McCain has done something all the Bush-bashing, job-number-manipulating, stock-market-correcting, no-wmd-finding, and conservative-base-offending of the last year could not do.  He has struck fear in my heart concerning the President's chances for re-election.  What would the Arizona Republican Senator entertain?  An invitation to join John Kerry on the Democratic ticket.  I hope his words reflect an obligatory momentary consideration for a "good friend" and not a true inclination to accept such an offer.

As I decreed earlier, John Kerry is going to pick Bill Richardson to be his running mate, so we're most likely out of the woods on this one.  More relevant are John McCain's true colors. He is known as a "maverick" in the senate.  If he were to receive and accept Kerry's VP nod, "double-crosser" would be more appropriate.  A Kerry/McCain ticket would be much more formidable for Bush/Cheney in November than any other Kerry combo the Democrats could produce.

Update:  Before I get an avalanche of responses explaining to me how this isn't going to happen, let me interject here that I don't think it will either.  The fear of which I speak is purely hypothetical.

Update2:  A curt and cogent cut from Curtis, a cognizant commenter.  "The only reason McCain wagged the carrot in front of everyone is to get more media attention. His influence is directly related to his media attention. So, we are further feeding his ego by talking about this." Curtis is clearly correct.

Update3:  Citizen Smash has comments and a roundup of others' comments, too.

posted by Scott Elliott at 8:10pm 03/10/04 ::
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