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Conservative Ranking

Pennsylvania is the 17th least conservative state, voting 5.0% less Republican in the 2004 presidential elections than the national average.

Partisan Trend

Based on voting patterns since 1992, Pennsylvania is trending DEMOCRAT.

GOP Trend Ranking

Pennsylvania ranks 34th among the 50 states.
Presidential Race

Race for the White House

GOP Candidates
  • John McCain - U. S. Senator from Arizona  
  • Mike Huckabee - Former Governor of Arkansas
  • Ron Paul - U. S. Congressman from Texas (CD-14)
  • Mitt Romney - Former Governor of Massachusetts
  • Rudy Giuliani - Former Mayor of New York City
  • Fred Thompson - Former U. S. Senator from Tennessee
  • Duncan Hunter - U. S. Congressman from California (CD-52)

    DEM Candidates

  • Barack Obama - U. S. Senator from Illinois  
  • Hillary Clinton - U. S. Senator from New York
  • Mike Gravel - Former U. S. Senator from Alaska
  • John Edwards - Former U. S. Senator from North Carolina
  • Bill Richardson - Governor of New Mexico
  • Dennis Kucinich - U. S. Congressman from Ohio (CD-10)

    Party nominee -


    Senate Race
    No race in 2008
    Governor's Race
    No race in 2008
    Competitive House Races

    District 3
    Incumbent:  GOP incumbent Phil English is running for an 8th term in 2008.  He faced no primary opposition.

    GOP Candidates

  • Phil English - Incumbent  
  • Dan Meuser

    DEM Candidates

  • Kathy Dahlkemper  

    Party nominee -

    District 4
    Incumbent:  Democratic incumbent Jason Altmire is running for re-election for the first time in 2008.  He faced no primary opposition.

    GOP Candidates

  • Melissa Hart - Former U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania  

    DEM Candidates

  • Jason Altmire - Incumbent  

    Party nominee -


    District 10
    Incumbent:  Democratic incumbent Chris Carney seeks just his second term in 2008.  He faced no primary opposition.

    GOP Candidates

  • Chris Hackett  
  • Dan Meuser

    DEM Candidates

  • Chris Carney - Incumbent  

    Party nominee -


    District 11
    Incumbent:  Democratic incumbent Paul Kanjorski seeks a 13th term in 2008.  He faced no primary opposition.

    GOP Candidates

  • Louis Barletta - Former Congressional Nominee  
  • Dan Meuser

    DEM Candidates

  • Paul Kanjorski - Incumbent  

    Party nominee -

    Other House Races
    Projected winner listed first
  • District 1:  Bob Brady (D)-inc vs. Mike Muhammad (R)
  • District 2:  Chaka Fattah (D)-inc vs. Michael Livingston (R)
  • District 5:  OPEN:  Glenn Thompson (R) vs. Mark McCracken (D)
  • District 6:  Jim Gerlach (R)-inc vs. Bob Roggio (D)
  • District 7:  Joseph Sestak (D)-inc vs. Craig Williams (R)
  • District 8:  Patrick Murphy (D)-inc vs. Thomas Manion (R)
  • District 9:  Bill Shuster (R)-inc vs. Tony Barr (D)
  • District 12:  John Murtha (D)-inc  (unopposed)
  • District 13:  Allyson Schwartz (D)-inc vs. Marina Kats (R)
  • District 14:  Mike Doyle (D)-inc  (unopposed)
  • District 15:  Charlie Dent (R)-inc vs. Sam Bennett (D)
  • District 16:  Joseph Pitts (R)-inc vs. Bruce Slater (D)
  • District 17:  Tim Holden (D)-inc vs. Toni Gilhooley (R)
  • District 18:  Tim Murphy (R)-inc vs. Steve O'Donnell (D)
  • District 19:  Todd Platts (R)-inc vs. Phil Avillo, Jr. (D)
    Additional Information

    Election Timeline

  • February 12, 2008 - Deadline to file for candidacy
  • April 22, 2008 - Presidential primary
  • April 22, 2008 - Primary elections
  • November 4, 2008 - Election day
  • Current Partisan Breakdown

    National Delegation
      Senators 1 GOP, 1 DEM
      Representatives 8 GOP, 11 DEM
    State Government
      Governor DEM
      Lt. Governor - tied to Governor DEM
      State Senate - GOP control 29 GOP, 21 DEM
      State House - DEM control 101 GOP,102 DEM

    Current Office Holders

  • Governor:  Ed Rendell (D) - 2nd term, up for re-election in 2010
  • Lt. Governor:  Catherine Knoll (D) - 2nd term, tied to Governor
  • Senior Senator:  Arlen Spector (R) - 5th term, up for re-election in 2010
  • Junior Senator:  Bob Casey, Jr. (D) - 1st term, up for re-election in 2012
  • House District 1:  Bob Brady (D) - 5th term
  • House District 2:  Chaka Fattah (D) - 7th term
  • House District 3:  Phil English (R) - 7th term
  • House District 4:  Jason Altmire (D) - 1st term
  • House District 5:  John Peterson (R) - 6th term (retiring)
  • House District 6:  Jim Gerlach (R) - 4th term
  • House District 7:  Joseph Sestak (D) - 1st term
  • House District 8:  Patrick Murphy (D) - 1st term
  • House District 9:  Bill Shuster (R) - 4th term
  • House District 10:  Chris Carney (D) - 1st term
  • House District 11:  Paul Kanjorski (D) - 12th term
  • House District 12:  John Murtha (D) - 18th term
  • House District 13:  Allyson Schwartz (D) - 2nd term
  • House District 14:  Mike Doyle (D) - 7th term
  • House District 15:  Charlie Dent (R) - 2nd term
  • House District 16:  Joseph Pitts (R) - 6th term
  • House District 17:  Tim Holden (D) - 8th term
  • House District 18:  Tim Murphy (R) - 3rd term
  • House District 19:  Todd Platts (R) - 4th term

    Historical Partisan Snapshot

      Race 2000 Result 2002 Result 2004 Result 2006 Result

    President Weak Dem -- Weak Dem --

    Class 1 Mod GOP -- -- Solid Dem
    Class 3 -- -- Strong GOP --

    Governor -- Mod Dem -- Solid DEM

    House 11 GOP - 10 DEM 12 GOP - 7 DEM 12 GOP - 7 DEM 8 GOP - 11 DEM
    CD-1 Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM
    CD-2 Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM
    CD-3 Solid DEM Solid GOP Solid GOP Strong GOP
    CD-4 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Weak DEM
    CD-5 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP
    CD-6 Solid DEM Weak GOP Weak GOP Weak GOP
    CD-7 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Strong DEM
    CD-8 Solid GOP Solid GOP Strong GOP Weak DEM
    CD-9 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP
    CD-10 Mod GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Mod DEM
    CD-11 Solid DEM Strong DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM
    CD-12 Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM
    CD-13 Mod DEM Weak DEM Strong DEM Solid DEM
    CD-14 Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM Solid DEM
    CD-15 Mod GOP Mod GOP Solid GOP Mod GOP
    CD-16 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP
    CD-17 Solid GOP Weak DEM Weak DEM Solid DEM
    CD-18 Solid DEM Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP
    CD-19 Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP Solid GOP
    CD-20 Solid DEM NA NA NA
    CD-21 Solid GOP NA NA NA

    BOLD - party turnover
    Party changes not bolded resulted from redistricting before the 2002 election.
    Race ratings:
  • "Weak" - less than 5%
  • "Mod" - 5% to less than 10%
  • "Strong" - 10% to 15%
  • "Solid" - greater than 15%

    Pennsylvania Race Tracking
    John McCain
    Barack Obama
    Projected Winner
    No race
    No race
    House District 3
    Phil English - inc
    Kathy Dahlkemper
    Projected Winner
    House District 4
    Jason Altmire - inc
    Melissa Hart
    Projected Winner
    House District 10
    Chris Carney - inc
    Chris Hackett
    Projected Winner
    House District 11
    Paul Kanjorski - inc
    Louis Barletta
    Projected Winner


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