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2012 Projections


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2012 Election Results  
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  Electoral Votes:

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Check back here often for frequently updated results of the most pivotal battleground states in the presidential race and the most competitive Senate races that will determine which party has control in 2013.
Presidential Race Results
  Romney Obama
Electoral Votes
173 (McCain) 365
2012 Uncompetitive
Electoral Votes
158 183
2012 Competitive
Electoral Votes
2012 Projected
Electoral Votes


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Real-Time Battleground State Results
    State Mitt Romney Barack Obama Margin Electoral Votes Status  
    Votes Percent Votes Percent   Romney Obama    
 Maine CD-2  
 Nebraska CD-2  
 New Hamp  
 N Carolina  
Non-competitive State Results
    State Electoral Votes Status      State Electoral Votes Status  
    Romney Obama       Romney Obama    
   Alabama 9 -- Called  
   Alaska 3 -- Called  
   Arkansas 6 -- Called  
   California -- 55 Called  
   Connecticut -- 7 Called  
   Delaware -- 3 Called  
   D.C. -- 3 Called  
   Georgia 16 -- Called  
   Hawaii -- 4 Called  
   Idaho 4 -- Called  
   Illinois -- 20 Called  
   Kansas 6 -- Called  
   Kentucky 8 -- Called  
   Louisiana 8 -- Called  
   Maine* -- 3 Called  
   Maryland -- 10 Called  
   Mass. -- 11 Called  
   Mississippi 6 -- Called  
  Montana 3 -- Called  
  Nebraska* 4 -- Called  
  New Jersey -- 14 Called  
  New Mexico -- 5 Called  
  New York -- 29 Called  
  North Dakota 3 -- Called  
  Oklahoma 7 -- Called  
  Rhode Island -- 3 Called  
  South Carolina 9 -- Called  
  South Dakota 3 -- Called  
  Tennessee 11 -- Called  
  Texas 38 -- Called  
  Utah 6 -- Called  
  Vermont -- 3 Called  
  Washington -- 12 Called  
  West Virginia 5 -- Called  
  Wyoming 3 -- Called  
Real-Time Competitive Senate Results
    State Republican Votes Percent Dem/Ind Votes Percent Margin Status  
  Arizona Flake Carmona  
  Connecticut McMahon Murphy  
  Florida Mack Nelson  
  Indiana Mourdock Donnelly  
  Maine Summers King  
  Mass. Brown Warren  
  Missouri Akin McCaskill  
  Montana Rehberg Tester  
  Nebraska Fischer Kerrey  
  Nevada Heller Berkley  
  North Dakota Berg Heitkamp  
  Ohio Mandel Brown  
  Pennsylvania Smith Casey  
  Virginia Allen Kaine  
  Wisconsin Thompson Baldwin  
Non-Competitive Senate Results
    State Republican Democrat Status      State Republican Dem/Ind Status  
   California Emken Feinstein Called  
   Delaware Wade Carper Called  
   Hawaii Lingle Hirono Called  
   Maryland Bongino Cardin Called  
   Michigan Hoekstra Stabenow Called  
   Minnesota Bills Klobuchar Called  
   Mississippi Wicker Gore Called  
   New Jersey Kyrillos Menendez Called  
   New Mexico Wilson Heinrich Called  
   New York Long Gillibrand Called  
   Rhode Island Hinckley Whitehouse Called  
   Tennessee Corker Clayton Called  
   Texas Cruz Sadler Called  
   Utah Hatch Howell Called  
   Vermont MacGovern Sanders Called  
   Washington Baumgartner Cantwell Called  
   West Virginia Raese Manchin Called  
   Wyoming Barrasso Chesnut Called  

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