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2012 Projections


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The Battle for Capitol Hill - 2012 House  
Projections for
  Projected Seats:

Current Seats:

Projected Change:

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House Race Stats
  Republicans Democrats

Contested House Race Summary
    District   Republican   Democrat   Incumbent Projected Result  
Click here for projected margins of victory
BOLD - party takeover
  Race ratings:
  • "Weak" - less than 5%
  • "Mod" - 5% to less than 10%
  • "Strong" - 10% to 15%
  • "Solid" - greater than 15%
  •   Click here for projected margins of victory
    Non-Competitive New House Seats
        District   Republican   Democrat   Incumbent Projected Result  
      California CD-21 David Valadao John Hernandez New seat Strong GOP Gain  
      California CD-29 David Hernandez Tony Cardenas New seat Solid DEM Gain  
      California CD-47 Gary DeLong Alan Lowenthal New seat Strong DEM Gain  
      Florida CD-6 Ron DeSantis Heathe Beaven New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Florida CD-9 Tony DeLong Alan Grayson New seat Strong DEM Gain  
      Georgia CD-9 Doug Collins Jody Cooley New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Ohio CD-3 Chris Long Joyce Beatty New seat Solid DEM Gain  
      S Carolina CD-7 Tom Rice Gloria Tinubu New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Texas CD-25 Roger Williams Elaine Henderson New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Texas CD-33 Charles Bradley Mark Veasey New seat Solid DEM Gain  
      Texas CD-34 Jessica Bradshaw Filemon Vela New seat Solid DEM Gain  
      Texas CD-36 Steve Stockman Max Owen Martin New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Utah CD-2 Chris Stewart Jay Seegmiller New seat Solid GOP Gain  
      Washington CD-10 Richard Muri Dennis Heck New seat Solid DEM Gain  
    Eliminated House Seats
        District   Party    Incumbent Result   
      Old Arizona CD-3 Republican Ben Quayle - running in the new Arizona CD-6 GOP Loss  
      Old California CD-18 Democrat Dennis Cardoza - retiring DEM Loss  
      Old California CD-26 Republican David Dreier - retiring GOP Loss  
      Old California CD-28 Democrat Howard Berman - running in the new California CD-30 DEM Loss  
      Old California CD-36 Democrat Janice Hahn - running in the new California CD-44 DEM Loss  
      Old Florida CD-24 Republican Sandy Adams - running in the new Florida CD-7 GOP Loss  
      Old Illinois CD-11 Republican Adam Kinzinger - running in the new Illinois CD-16 GOP Loss  
      Old Iowa CD-4 Republican Thomas Latham - running in the new Iowa CD-3 GOP Loss  
      Old Louisiana CD-7 Republican Charles Boustany, Jr. - running in the new Louisiana CD-3 GOP Loss  
      Old Massachusetts CD-1 Democrat John Olver - retiring DEM Loss  
      Old Michigan CD-12 Democrat Sandy Levin - running in the new Michigan CD-9 DEM Loss  
      Old Missouri CD-3 Democrat Russ Carnahan - running in the new Missouri CD-1 DEM Loss  
      Old New Jersey CD-8 Democrat Bill Pascrell, Jr. - running in the new New Jersey CD-9 DEM Loss  
      Old New York CD-9 Republican Bob Turner - retiring GOP Loss  
      Old New York CD-22 Democrat Maurice Hinchey - retiring DEM Loss  
      Old Ohio CD-10 Democrat Dennis Kucinich - lost in primary in the new Ohio CD-9 DEM Loss  
      Old Ohio CD-13 Democrat Betty Sue Sutton - running in the new Ohio CD-16 DEM Loss  
      Old Ohio CD-18 Republican Robert Gibbs - running in the new Ohio CD-7 GOP Loss  
      Old Pennsylvania CD-4 Democrat Jason Altmire - lost in primary in the new Pennsylvania CD-12 DEM Loss  
    Primary Schedule (non-presidential)
      Delaware, Sep 11
    New Hampshire, Sep 11
    Rhode Island, Sep 11
    Massachusetts, Sep 6
    Alaska, Aug 28
    Arizona, Aug 28
    Vermont, Aug 28
    Wyoming, Aug 21
    Connecticut, Aug 14
    Florida, Aug 14
    Minnesota, Aug 14
    Wisconsin, Aug 14
    Hawaii, Aug 11
    Kansas, Aug 7
    Michigan, Aug 7
    Missouri, Aug 7
    Washington, Aug 7
    Tennessee, Aug 2
    Georgia, July 31
    Colorado, June 26
    New York, Jun 26
    Oklahoma, June 26
    Utah, June 26
    Maine, June 12
    Nevada, June 12
    North Dakota, June 12
    South Carolina, June 12
    Virginia, June 12
    California, June 5
    Iowa, June 5
    Montana, June 5
    New Jersey, June 5
    New Mexico, June 5
    South Dakota, June 5
    Texas, May 29
    Arkansas, May 22
    Kentucky, May 22
    Idaho, May 15
    Nebraska, May 15
    Oregon, May 15
    Indiana, May 8
    North Carolina, May 8
    West Virginia, May 8
    Pennsylvania, Apr 24
    Maryland, Apr 3
    Illinois, Mar 20
    Alabama, Mar 13
    Mississippi, Mar 13
    Ohio, Mar 6
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